5 Best Reasons To Use a Throat Spray For Snoring

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Different people struggle with throat issues that trigger snoring and other throat related issues like an elongated uvula. If you are constantly clearing your throat or feel as if the back of your throat closes when laying down you may need a throat spray to help you with this situation.

Fortunately, there are several throat spray solutions to consider. However, before considering them, you want to understand why they are essential in the first place. Consider the following reasons:


1. Throat Sprays Treat the Issue Directly

There are a lot snoring solutions on the marketplace in different forms, and throat sprays are practical since they are easy to use and fast-acting for throat-based snoring. Consider getting an oil-free throat spray for snoring and have it near your bedside just in case you forget to use it before going to bed. The chances are that you will snore less if you use it regularly. 

What's more, it acts on the problem right away. Throat sprays work by targeting the soft tissue in the back of your throat. This is often the area that gets dehydrated or inflamed causing it to vibrate and trigger snoring.




2. Tones and Shrinks Tissues in the Throat

Besides the targeted action that the spray offers, it also tones and helps shrink soft tissues surrounding the throat, which is a good thing. More people struggle with snoring because their throat collapses when lying down. When the soft tissues are no longer blocking the airway it allows for air to pass quietly. This is one of the most important ways of reducing throat-based snoring.


3. Throat Sprays Come with Natural Ingredients

If you are a believer of natural products, a natural throat spray using natural ingredients, are more effective because they do not have harsh side effects. Most sensitive users will prefer going for a product with more natural ingredients that provide real therapeutic results to help them deal with snoring instead of products with synthetic elements or oil-based which only lubricates the throat. 


4. Throat Sprays Last a Considerable While hence Economical

You may find that snore sprays are more economical to use. If you are an occasional user of the spray, only using it as needed when traveling or sharing a room with someone then you may have the spray for a few months before needing to replace it. 

While snore sprays are generally going to ease your snoring situation, they work better when you are also proactively eating healthy, exercising regularly, and going to bed around the same time every night.

Below are some of the most effective tips that can improve your snoring situation and help your anti-snoring spray work better.

5. Sleep Differently 

This means that you should avoid sleeping on your back as it makes the soft palate and base of your tongue fall onto the back of your throat. Consequently, you have a chance of producing more vibration in the soft tissues which may be responsible for your snoring situation. Fortunately, this can be avoided by simply lying on your side. The aim is to minimize the contact that promotes more soft tissue vibration and, in turn, snoring sounds in the back of the throat.


A few more tips: 

  • Get into a Weight Loss Mindset

There are several reasons why losing weight is a great thing. When you lose weight, you tend to experience more energy during the day and your overall mood is elevated. As far as snoring is concerned, cutting the extra weight is a plus. However, this only works for people who started snoring after they gained weight, especially around the neck, who are throat-based snorers. 

Excess weight pushes on the throat's internal diameter, causing a collapse when you sleep and, in turn, leading to snoring. For such individuals, shedding off the excess weight makes a huge difference. However, slimmer or thin people can also snore, and getting a smaller size will not make any difference. They must find alternative solutions for their snoring.

  • Stay Away from Alcohol

More often than not, alcohol and other sedatives interfere with the resting tone of your throat muscles. This could be the reason why you snore. If you must have an alcoholic drink, make sure its earlier in the day, if possible, not one or two hours before bedtime. Experts believe alcohol may cause people with no snoring disorders to start snoring since alcohol has a drowsy effect. It is therefore advisable to avoid drinking altogether.

  • Purpose to Sleep Better

Sleep hygiene is essential to anyone who wants to stop snoring. Sleep better and rest well. This means that you should not overwork or overtire yourself. The consequences of being overtired include deep sleeping when you finally retire to bed. Such sleep makes your muscles floppier, thus causing you to snore. 

In some cases, people whose snoring starts in the nose may need to find a way to keep their nasal passages open. If you need to avoid alcohol or exercise more to lose extra neck weight, do it. Since you turn to snore medication for the relief you need, it also matters what you do externally to help the situation improve. 


There are many snoring solutions out there. However, for any of them to function effectively, make sure to do your part. Practice better sleep hygiene, exercise, avoid alcohol, and observe relevant preventive measures. In the end, your throat spray will work when you are in dire need, but the overall recovery depends on the things you do long term.

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