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Before You Return, Can We Help?

Restful nights are still possible

Did you purchase the right product for your snoring?
To avoid any disappointing results we created a 3-in-1 Starter Kit to allow anyone to first – self-test their snoring and second- discover the right product for their specific snoring.
        Discover the root cause of your snoring by identifying the snoring source. Snoring can occur in one or more airways in the: mouth, nose, or back of the throat.
Try all 3 products in the Starter Kit to discover which one(s) will work best for you.

Did you give the product enough time to work?
3-5 DAY TREATMENT COURSE: Most experience a result right away while others get results within 3-5 nights. Use SnoreStop at bedtime 30 mins apart from any other medicine. Results can depend on a variety of factors including overall health, diet, and other lifestyle factors. 
SnoreStop does not treat sleep apnea.
Getting The Most From Your SnoreStop Product:
  • We recommend taking the SnoreStop at bedtime.
  • Use 30 mins apart from any food, water, or medicine.
  • If you consume any sedative, alcoholic beverage, or drowsy medicine at bedtime please note this may inhibit the effectiveness of our natural product.
Need more than 30 days to use the product?
Need more time using the product?  Email us:
We will gladly provide an extension to your return date.