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Q: How does SnoreStop work?

A: Each product is formulated to target a different location where snoring can occur: chewable tablets for the mouth, nasal spray for the nose, and a throat spray for the back of the throat to help open blocked airway(s) and help dry out build up mucous. For stubborn snorers, we recommend the Double Action which helps target multiple airways: both in the nose and in the back of the throat.

Q: How do I know which product will work best for me?

 A: To avoid any disappointing results we created a 3-in-1 Starter Kit to allow anyone to first – self-test their snoring and second- discover the right product(s) for their specific snoring. You can take our Snoring Quiz to help you find a customized solution based on your unique symptoms.

Q: What is in SnoreStop?

A: Each natural ingredient comes either from plant, mineral or protein sources and is present only in harmless microscopic amounts in each dose. None of our ingredients contain any measurable amount of alkaloids, ephedrine or pseudo - ephedrine. 

Q: Is SnoreStop safe?

A: Yes. SnoreStop has been safely sold on the marketplace since 1995. There were no known side effects reported in the independent published medical study. Our natural ingredients are recognized as safe and part of an official collection of accepted drug ingredients by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are manufactured in FDA-approved laboratories in the USA.

Q: Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?  

A:Yes! We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all our products. If you wish to return your product, contact us for a RAN number. We will require some information from you to process the return. Returns without a RAN are not accepted.

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