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Snoring is the croaking sounds made during sleep resulting from soft tissue vibration as inhaled air makes forceful entry through a partially blocked airway. The airway obstruction may result from obesity, specific medications, alcohol consumption, obstructive sleep disorders like sleep apnea, cold, sinus flare-ups, allergies, and lower mouth anatomy.
Medical interventions like tablets, nasal sprays, and throat sprays can help counter chronic snoring; however, the best pillow to stop snoring counters airway obstructions, reducing snoring significantly. So, if you or your sleeping partner struggle with snoring, you can try the anti-snore pillows below to get a restful night's sleep.

1. U-shape Contoured Neck Support Pillows

U-shaped neck support pillows are somewhat similar to standard rectangular pillows but feature a semi-circular dent on one end. The u-shaped contour is not a design flaw but a structural element that provides proper head and spinal alignment.
Such specialty pillows offer sufficient head support while the dent conforms to your neck, keeping the respiratory tract open to reduce tissue vibration. Semi-circular contour pillows feature the ideal loft to help prevent side sleepers from snoring. Besides enhancing the respiratory tract alignment to stop snoring, the pillow is also comfortable for side sleeper's arms and prevents aches associated with standard pillows.
Most u-shaped dented pillows typically feature fiber tuft that is easily removable for adjustable loft and feel. Therefore, consider purchasing fully adjustable u-dented pillows that you can modify to enhance comfort without losing the desirable body alignment. Sleeping experts recommend using a pillow with a height range between 6" and 8".
Also, consider purchasing your u-shape dented pillow from reputable vendors who offer additional fill at no additional charges. You can use the extra tuft to achieve your desired pillow feel.

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2. Wedge Pillows

Although wedge pillows feature an odd shape, the specialty pillows help relieve or eliminate snoring and other aches and pains that may hamper sleep quality. They are best for back sleepers, are sufficient for side sleepers, but do not work for belly sleepers.
Wedge pillows feature a gentle slope designed to elevate the head, neck, and shoulders to facilitate maximum airway expansion. As previously stated, allergies and colds may cause snoring, as they cause the sinuses to fill up with fluid, blocking the airway. Thankfully, a wedge pillow's sloping alignment helps drain accumulated fluid from inflamed sinuses.
But while wedge pillows feature a distinctive shape, they differ in construction elements that speak to their comfort level. For starters, wedge pillows feature either a memory foam fill or a polyurethane fill.
However, both fill types offer commendable support. Memory foam has superior conformity ideal for your custom sleeping needs. On the other hand, although polyurethane foam fill is available in varying densities, it typically features a much firmer fill. Some wedge pillows feature a thin layer of memory foam gel encasing the pillow core to enhance head and neck conformity and facilitate heat dissipation.
Wedge pillows are also easy to clean as the foam fill is easily removable from the pillowcase. However, they are non-adjustable, although some manufacturers are working on adjustable wedge pillow prototypes.

3. Realignment/Contour Pillows

The realignment anti-snore pillow features a unique design to provide maximum support and comfort to all sleepers. As the name suggests, realignment pillows utilize cervical immobilization to provide the perfect head, neck, and shoulder alignment to prevent airway compression.
Realignment pillows are available in either one of two unique designs; the first design combines a contoured design and a traditional straight design in one pillow. The contoured side of the pillow cradles the head and neck while providing optimum support to facilitate smooth airflow over relaxed airway muscles. Alternatively, you can also consider the realignment pillow design that features a dent at the center of the pillow.
However, specialty pillows feature outstanding moldability that helps facilitate natural head and neck support regardless of design specifics. The moldability feature is due to the pillows' superb quality memory fill the core.
The pillow's unique shape requires a bit of an adjustment and often works best for back and side sleepers. While the pillow memory foam is ergonomic for comfort, its non-adjustable fill may be an issue for some buyers. Also, finding a pillowcase for a specialty pillow with a bespoke design may prove taxing, so consider purchasing a realignment pillow with a comfortable pillowcase.
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4. Side-sleeping Pillows

Although your predominant sleeping position is a matter of preference, some sleeping positions are better for your health than others. Side sleeping, for instance, is the best sleeping position for comfortable breathing, as it facilitates natural head-spinal alignment without compressing the respiratory tract.
Besides combating intrusive factors that promote snoring, side sleeping also combats acid reflux and reduces pressure on the heart while lowering neurodegenerative diseases risk.
Side sleeping pillows make sleep more comfortable for side sleepers and are also helpful in aiding people with other predominant sleeping positions to switch to side sleeping. For snorers, side sleeper pillows function as a positional therapy tool to help them stay in the best position to alleviate or eliminate chronic snoring.
The specialty pillows typically feature a contoured ergonomic design for enhanced comfort and support, other unique features including holes for your arms. Most side sleeping pillows are also fully adjustable to facilitate the ideal feel and loft.

5. Smart Pillows

Intuitive ubiquitous technology dominates almost every aspect of our lives and is gradually making its way into the sleep arena. From sleep gadgets that help you fall asleep faster to sleep trackers that monitor your sleep patterns, you now have smart pillows to combat snoring.
Smart anti-snore pillows utilize sound sensor technology coupled with an automatic inflation feature to alleviate snoring as soon as it occurs. Once the pillow detects snoring sounds, it responds by auto-inflating to raise your head, facilitating proper head-neck alignment. The natural spinal alignment promotes smooth airflow in your airway, eliminating the snoring sounds that arise when soft trachea tissues vibrate as air passes forcefully over them.
The smart pillow's head elevation utilizes minimal movement and is unlikely to wake you. Besides anti-snore pillows, you can also opt to use smart anti-snore pillow inserts that offer the same head elevation when inserted in an ordinary pillow.
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Specialty anti-snore pillows are effective in reducing snoring. However, note that snoring may indicate underlying health conditions, so get a medical opinion on chronic snoring before opting to purchase an anti-snore pillow.

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