Til' Snoring Do Us Part

The disruption of sleep from snoring is causing couples to have a hard time sleeping together. Ordinarily affectionate couples can have a strain in their relationship caused by snoring. Usually, if it wasn’t for their spouse, a snorer wouldn’t even know they have a problem.


Snoring causes fatigue:

For those who snore, they don’t realize that snoring is the cause of their own fatigue. Snoring can cause daytime sleepiness that can cause serious problems in one’s waking life, and unfortunately it is not just the snorer that suffers — the snorer’s spouse can suffer just as much.  The reason for resentment is understandable. The sleep loss associated with snoring — whether it’s the snorer or the bed partner who is awakened by the snoring, interrupts important recuperative sleep, which can impair a person’s ability to perform cognitive tasks involving memory, learning, reasoning and mathematical processes. It can impair motor skills and can cause morning headaches, irritability, burnout and depression.


Snoring kills intimacy:

Unfortunately, snoring can force one spouse into another room for the sake of sleep, and this crucial together time is hard to replace.To avoid the symptoms of daytime sleepiness, many couples choose not to sleep together in the same bed.  If your marriage is suffering because you or your spouse snores, the key to reconciling is to understand that snoring is a symptom of a physical condition, such as inflammation of soft tissue in the mouth and throat or nasal obstruction, and it can be treated with over the counter remedies.


Can snoring cause a divorce?

You may not connect your snoring problem with erectile dysfunction or a lower sex drive, but the truth is that the two may have a lot in common. Once of the speculated causes of lower sex drive is the reduced blood flow through the body, due to the obstructed airways. When you don’t get enough oxygen in your lungs, there’s not enough flowing around your body. Circulation plays a key role in sexual health, so reduced circulation means less blood flow to the areas where blood flow is vital. Another cause of reduced sex drive is the effect snoring may have on the interaction between partners. No one wants to get sexy with their spouse when they’re angry at them for snoring all night long. A 1971 issue of Eye Ear Nose Throat Monthly reported that snoring had finally been declared legal grounds for divorce.



The good news is there’s hope with the latest stop snoring OTC solutions to combat the snoring problem.


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