South Florida Sun Times Article: Silencing Your Snore | Featuring SnoreStop

South Florida Sun Times  October 6th 2003

It’s Time You Silenced Your Snore.

“I tried everything, including plotting murder,” says Karin Poe, 43, about her husband’s loud snoring. After 23 years of marriage and many sleepless nights, she was at her wit’s end.

“When it sounds like a freight train and even ear plugs don’t help, it’s a problem. You get pretty cranky after a few nights with no sleep,” she adds.

Poe’s husband had allergies, which often exacerbated snoring. The couple had gone “through the gamut” of traditional medications when they discovered a homeopathic remedy called SnoreStop. Without any side effects, it works to shrink the soft tissues at the back of the throat so they don’t vibrate when the snorer breathes.

This vibration and the noise it creates can be extremely disturbing during the night and is often more of a problem for the person who has to listen to it. According to a study at the Sleep Disorders Clinic at the Mayo Clinic, bedroom companions of heavy snorers lose an average of one hour of sleep per night.

“My wife would get six hours of sleep while I would get 8.” says Robert Frentzel, 66, about his frequent snoring. His wife was losing sleep every night until about five years ago when he tried the homeopathic remedy, which helped to reduce his nighttime snoring. And the state of his marriage? “We’re still sleeping in the same bed,” exclaims Frentzel.

The object of an independent medical study, SnoreStop has been formulated and tested by doctors, and according to three national surveys, is the product most often recommended by pharmacists for snoring. It provides a dual therapeutic action that shrinks swollen soft tissues in the throat, and dries up mucous in the sinus passages. Its decongestive, anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic action provides relief without any accompanying side effects.

Felicidad Tucker, 69, was troubled when her husband began snoring about three years ago. “He started snoring every night, and I was so bothered,” says Tucker, who has been married 13 years. They tried a number of remedies, including elevating one end of their bed, before finding relief with SnoreStop. “It is wonderful,” says Tucker about her peaceful nights.

For Valentine’s Day five years ago, Shelly Maynard got her husband a unique gift. He had been complaining for years about her snoring and how it woke him up three or four times a night. “He’s really hard to buy for,” says Maynard, who found the perfect gift at the drugstore: a SnoreStop Extinguisher. Users just spray the fine mist at bedtime. If there are any flare-ups during the night, bedroom companions can administer another dose without waking the snorer up.

“He said he hasn’t slept so well in years,” adds Maynard.

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