How SnoreStop Compares

How SnoreStop Compares

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Mouth guards, chin straps, nose clips, and tape.

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When it comes to treatment for run-of-the-mill snoring, one must research and compare all the available products. Most products on the market offer positional therapy as a solution. Let’s examine three.  

 Devices to Put in Your Pillow How SnoreStop Compares

Devices like inflatable pillow inserts run on fluctuating the air pressure from the pillow is an effective method when you want a 'contact-free' method. The insert inflates when it detects snoring which gently moves your head while you sleep. Since the system relies on sound to work you cannot have a white noise machine or a fan on in the same room. This set up involves equipment and tends to be expensive.
 Mouth Tapes
Mouth tapes are actual tapes that close your mouth to 'prevent' snoring. They are not as expensive as other mechanical devices; however, they just close your mouth - shut. This is not helpful for those who have difficulty breathing through their nose or for people with sleep apnea (OSA). Recently, many doctors have issued serious health risk warnings with this mouth taping trend. 

 Mouth Pieces

This anti-snoring device is quite famous among people for being less 'invasive'. Mouth Pieces are over-the-counter mandibular advancement devices (MAD). In simple words, they work on a technology that forces the lower jaw forward all night long. These tend to be cumbersome and expensive. Side effects include tooth movement.

snorestop vs. the rest


SnoreStop has a different approach when it comes to dealing with the problem of run-of-the-mill snoring. It doesn't require wearing anything on your face or in your mouth all night long. After many years in business, we recognize there is not a standalone solution for snoring since people snore from different locations (nose, mouth, and back of the throat) and for various reasons. That's why we created an entire line of products that specifically target the location(s) where snoring can occur.

We have adopted a simple, yet sophisticated approach to make our products affordable, natural, device-free, and easy to use.

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