Hazards of Snoring

Snoring can cause sleep deprivation not only for the snorer, but for the people who spend the night near the snorer. Other physical and health problems can also come from prolonged deprivation of sleep.

Night after night your snoring is a sign that not only your breathing is disturbed but also your sleep. You are not in fact resting as you should, you are struggling to breathe. The end result is you are not starting a new day charged up but unplugged. Your vital organs such as your brain, heart and lungs did not receive the oxygen nor the proper blood flow, now your energy is low and your brain dimmed. When unchecked and untreated, you start having morning headaches, increased appetite, mood swing symptoms during the day, choking alerts and restless leg syndrome while sleeping. Later on as snoring increases, symptoms of hypertension, heart disease, and impotence take place leading to sleep apnea, dementia, strokes, and even death.


Are snorers more likely to get into a car accident?

Snoring is the most common sleep problem reported. When disturbed by a partner’s sleep problem, the other partner loses an average of 49 minutes of sleep per night, totaling 300 hours of sleep per year. Sleep deprivation can result in a level of impairment as severe as a blood alcohol level of 0.1, the equivalent of having consumed six alcoholic beverages. A phenomenon called “driving while drowsy” has been implicated in nearly 1 out of every 6 fatal auto accidents, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.



Is snoring a health warning?

Snoring can signal underlying health problems. It has the effect of reducing oxygen flow to the brain, which, in turn, can contribute to: high blood pressure, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. It’s not just the person who’s snoring that has the problem. Talk to your partner, help them see that snoring is a medical issue that effects both of you and not just something that keeps one of you up at night, work together to find a solution.


The reason why there’s no silver bullet to solve everyone’s snoring problem is due to the fact that snoring is caused by a great multiplicity of factors.

Snoring occurs in three locations: the mouth, the back of the throat, and the nose. Most snorers do not know why they snore or where their snoring occurs.

A product designed to address the specific area(s) where your snoring occurs can help put an end to your snoring.

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