Famous Snorers

Famous Snorers

Snoring is one of those conditions that can strike anyone, anywhere and at any time. Rich or poor, unknown or famous, it doesn’t matter; wherever the opportunity arises, those dreaded snores will be there to dominate the sleeping hours.

For famous people, snoring is an affliction which they would probably prefer to remain behind closed doors, if at all possible. Of course, sleeping is a very private activity and this at least means there is more scope to hide it from the general public. But whether due to spiteful gossip or simple honesty, it is usually the case that, if a celebrity has a problem, the news will usually come out as some point in time.


Snorers From History

History is littered with famous snorers. One of the most famous was Winston Churchill. Lauded for his endeavors during the Second World War, he was also a renowned drinker and smoker, both factors that no doubt contributed to his problem. Nevertheless, he lived to the age of ninety, perhaps surprisingly considering his lifestyle. Napoleon Bonaparte and Queen Victoria, arguably the two most famous people of the nineteenth century, were also snorers. Similarly to Churchill, they were both short and overweight. Napoleon apparently fell asleep in the most unlikely surroundings and would snore loudly. Victoria, also, would readily fall asleep. It is claimed that her ladies in waiting would keep her awake during carriage rides by gently moving her pillows at regular intervals so as to avoid any awkward situations.


POTUS Snorers

Interestingly, there seems to have been a number of US Presidents who were snorers. Since overweight men in their advancing years tend to be sufferers, it certainly comes as no surprise that there have been a number of snorers in the White House. Grover Cleveland, probably the second most heavy President behind William Taft, was close to 300 pounds in weight in the latter part of his life and was a notorious snorer.

Other Presidential snorers included Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had to contend with sleep apnea and other sleep-related complications before he died in 1945, and Abraham Lincoln. Teddy Roosevelt takes the crown as the loudest snorer of the Presidents. He made so much noise during a stay in hospital that the other patients complained to the nurses!





Modern Day Snorers

More recently, Elizabeth Taylor was said to suffer from snoring. The cousin of her husband Larry Fortensky apparently claimed she ‘snored like a truck driver’. It does raise questions as to whether there was a direct correlation between her being a snorer and her multiple marriages. It is often a major problem in the marital bed when one half of the partnership snores loudly.

Among current celebrities, there are few who have confessed to suffering from snoring. Courtney Cox has spoken of her ex-husband’s (David Arquette) problem, saying he ‘shook walls’.
Guy Ritchie is a self-confessed snorer, saying it was an issue during his marriage with Madonna, and Tom Cruise supposedly converted a spare room into a sound proof ‘snoratorium’.


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