What's Best: SnoreStop Throat Spray vs. Nasal Spray Vs. Double Action

Do you snore in your sleep? Suffice it to know that you're not alone. Snoring is a widespread condition that affects 90 million people in the US alone. Stats show that almost half of all adults in the US snore. Snoring occurs when air passes through your throat when breathing in sleep. The air vibrates the relaxed tissues of your throat, resulting in irritating, rasping snoring sounds. This condition can irritate your sleep or your partner's. It's a big deal even for those who don't; snoring isn't a condition to tolerate. 

Some of the most effective remedies for those looking for a lasting solution are the three SnoreStop products but like most people, you might have asked yourself - which of these is the best?!

Let's compare and find out. 

Key SnoreStop Features at a Glance

To enable you to weigh each of these options, you need to highlight the key differences between these three stop snoring sprays. This will help you consider the right factors in determining the most suitable for you.

Let's begin!

Snore Stop Throat Spray 


The SnoreStop Throat Spray is impressive in many ways and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. This product is the primary recommendation for those who snore due to inflammation in the back of the throat or excess mucus production. Inflammation and overproduction of mucus are two conditions known to cause snoring. 

It has a nozzle that helps direct the spray to the back of the throat and below the tongue. This liquid contains natural ingredients derived from botanical and mineral sources. 





SnoreStop Nasal Spray


The SnoreStop Nasal Spray was explicitly made to offer millions of people who snore in their sleep due to nasal congestion. It's a highly regarded product with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Unlike the throat spray, the nasal spray is also meant for spraying in the nasal passage, as the name implies. 


    SnoreStop Double Action



    Hence, it comes in handy for those who want to conveniently kill two birds with one stone or, in this case, with one SnoreStop product. Therefore, the Double Action package contains two bottles, one being the throat spray and the other being the nasal spray. 

    Understanding The Type of Snorer You Are

    Now that you understand the unique differences of each of SnoreStop products, you will be in a better position to determine the best of yourself. Although about 57% of adult males and 40% of females snore, you also have to understand further which type of snorer you are.

    The diversities in these products suggest that all snorers are not the same. Therefore, one product cannot fit every case. Generally speaking, blockages in the air passages of the pharynx or throat. Or it may be due to the partial collapse of these airways when the tongue slides back into your throat or cases like sleep apnea.

    If you suffer the latter condition or sleep apnea that results in snoring, these three anti-snoring throat sprays can't help you. Next, you have to identify the source of your snoring before choosing any SnoreStop spray.

    You have to know if your snoring is due to inflammation in the throat, congestion of the nasal passage, stuffy nose, or all of these causes. 


    As always, if you want the best of the best, price should be the last factor you consider. Nevertheless, you do want your preferred product to be within your budget. However, all three of these SnoreStop strays are pretty affordable, with the NasoSpray starting at the lowest price of $14.99.  

    The Extinguisher and Double Action have the same prices - $22.99

     Furthermore, the vendor offers free domestic with terms and conditions and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 


    The answer is a bit complicated, especially when you look at things from the everyday user. Most people who use these products must have tried some other snoring remedies. Therefore, knowing they can rely on a final solution is key to a final decision. That's why understanding the root cause of your snoring condition is vital. 

    In this case, if your snoring is due to nasal problems, be it a stuffy nose, mucus, or congestion, the nasal spray is ideal. Those who know their snoring comes from a congested throat, swelling, or any other will find the throat spray is perfect. On the other hand, Double Action is the ideal fit for stubborn snorers looking to address throat and nose causes of snoring. 

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