The 4 Best Sleep Positions To Prevent Snoring

Sleep Position To Prevent Snoring


Snoring is a problem faced by more than 25% of the human population.
At least 45% of people have experienced snores around them at some time.
The difference shows that some forms of snoring are not permanent. The same statistics show that there are more men snoring than women.

Another thing to note is that there are various causes of snoring. While snoring is majorly a non- medical condition, you can experience it because of your sleeping position and diet. It is not all the time that you will need surgery or snoring products. Improving your lifestyle, diet, and sleep position can stop snoring and help you sleep peacefully.

Here, you will learn the various sleeping positions to
avoid snoring. Each sleeping position has its pros and cons, but the experiences will vary from one person to another. Try these four sleeping positions to enhance your sleep and stop snoring.

1. Sleeping on Your Side

Sleeping on the side is the best sleep position to stop snoring as it allows you to move while sleeping. It is also more comfortable than lying down, and it does not put pressure on your neck and spine. When sleeping on the side, gravity will keep your airway open to reduce snoring.

However, some people find it difficult to sleep on the side because of numbness and pain in the arms. As you sleep, the other shoulder tends to fall over and misalign your body, causing pain on your shoulders and neck.

When sleeping on your side, ensure that you place a pillow between your legs to keep your spine aligned. You can also put a pillow under your head to reduce the pressure on your neck.

Also, when sleeping on your side, it is recommended to sleep on the left. Your heart is on the left side of the body, and it will be better for blood circulation when sleeping on the left. Your organs can also get rid of toxins better.


2. Use Sleeping Pillows Specifically for Snoring

When sleeping on your back, gravity pulls the tongue and other soft tissues towards the back of your throat. That blocks the airway and causes snoring. To avoid this, you can use a sleeping pillow specifically designed to stop snoring.

Sleeping pillows are available in different sizes and shapes. Some people find it more comfortable to use a U-shaped pillow, while others prefer a V-shaped pillow. When using a sleeping pillow to stop snoring, place the pillow under your head and neck. This position will keep your spine aligned and reduce the chances of snoring.

However, some people find it difficult to sleep with a sleeping pillow because they cannot move easily. This problem affects people who move a lot while in bed. To avoid this, you can use the pillow under your knees to keep it in place and reduce the chances of moving during sleep.

Additionally, some pillows come with an adjustable height so that you can set the appropriate position for yourself. Sleeping at an appropriate height reduces snoring and keeps your spine in the correct alignment.

If you sleep on your side, use a sleeping pillow between your legs. Doing this will keep your spine aligned and reduce snoring.


3. Recline the Bed

Another way to stop the snoring problem is by positioning your head high when sleeping. You can do so by reclining the bed. When you recline your bed, it will keep your head and neck in a higher position than the rest of your body. This position reduces the chances of snoring as it keeps your airway open.

Reclining your bed is also more comfortable for people who have back problems. Additionally, pregnant women find this position more comfortable because it reduces the pressure on their back.

However, some people find reclining the bed difficult especially if they sleep on the side or snore and move during sleep. You have to experiment with different positions until you arrive at something comfortable for yourself.

Additionally, make sure that all the pillows have no gaps between them and your body, which might result in neck pain or discomfort after waking up from sleep. Also, ensure stability so that you do not fall over while asleep. If you do not prefer pillows, you can get a recliner chair. It will replace your ordinary bed because it comes with adjustable support. This method is ideal for people who suffer from serious snoring problems.

4. Sleep on Your Stomach

Using your stomach to sleep is better than the back. You can adapt to sleeping on your stomach if you suffer from snoring. This position will enhance the opening up of the nasal airways. When your nasal airways are open, it will be easier for you to breathe through your nose and reduce the chances of snoring.

Also, sleeping on your stomach allows for easy access to your neck, making it less likely that you will snore. You will only need to work out the position of your head to make sure you are comfortable.

However, this sleeping position is not suitable for people with neck or back pain because it puts a lot of pressure on the parts. It might also not be comfortable sleeping on the stomach because you might feel nauseous in the morning.

If you're not accustomed to sleeping on your stomach, start by positioning yourself at the edge of the bed. Keep your head slightly higher than your body, and gradually lower it until you are comfortable sleeping on your stomach.

You will also need special pillows to align your spine while sleeping on your stomach. Additionally, you should avoid eating before bedtime because it might cause discomfort to the body when lying down. Give yourself at least an hour to digest your food before going to sleep.


Snoring can cause trouble for the snorer and the person sleeping with them. It can negatively affect your sleep and health. If you find yourself waking up tired after sleeping for several hours, snoring can be the cause. It makes it difficult for you and your partner to get a peaceful night's sleep.

Adjusting your sleeping position is one of the ways to prevent snoring. Consider sleeping on your stomach or side to find comfort. Also, some modifications to your bed position can be helpful. If you have tried everything, consider a natural, device-free solution to help stop snoring so you can get the quality sleep you deserve. 

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