Can a nasal spray help you to stop snoring?


The great myth is that snoring only comes from the nose when in fact, nasal congestion is the secondary cause of snoring.

However, if you suffer from post nasal drip, allergies, or sinusitis these may very well be the actual cause of your snoring and the right nasal spray can help.
There are two simple ways to determine if you suffer from nasal blockage.

  1. At night, one side of your nose closed with a finger and then try to breathe in with your mouth closed.
    If you have any difficulty breathing, you are suffering from some kind of nasal congestion.
  2. If your mouth is open when you snore or you wake up with a dry mouth, this is an indication that you have nasal blockage.

You can easily relieve your snoring problem with a low cost over the counter nasal spray, instead of using an adhesive nasal strip which tend to be uncomfortable and leaves the skin tender.
A majority of nasal strips contain latex which can also cause an allergic reaction. Nasal dilators – little cone-shaped widgets that slip into your nostrils and force them open – do the same job. The problem is unless you don’t move around in your sleep, a lot of these widgets fall out in the middle of the night or are just cumbersome to wear.

Snoring nasal sprays have a dual purpose. They can be used to relieve mild congestion, loosen mucus while also preventing inflammation in the nasal passages which can cause blockage of the sinus passages. Which nasal spray should you buy? When it comes time to purchase a nasal spray, always look for an oil-free formula with no chemicals which are known to produce rebound effects. When a formula is oil-based it simply lubricates your nasal passages instead of treating the actual symptoms that are causing your nasal congestion. If you have a deviated septum, you may not get the same results since this is an anatomical issue that needs to be addressed by an ETN (Ear, Throat, and Nose Specialist).

But if nasal congestion isn’t a major contributor to your snoring, you may need to think about the other two locations where snoring occurs: the mouth and the back of the throat.

To help you avoid wasting money on something ill-suited to the cause of your snoring you may want to consider a snoring kit.

A kit allows you to determine where your snoring occurs, and which product(s) work best for your snoring.





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