Research proves sharing a room with your pet is another way of bonding. However, problems such as your pet snoring might make it quite difficult for you to remain in the same room that your pet is sleeping in. Although you love your pet, you may decide to leave it outside to reduce disturbances. But this might not be the appropriate solution to control the problem because your pet snoring may be showing a symptom of a health or natural condition. You need to identify your pet's issues to help you figure out an appropriate way to handle the problem.

Why do pets snore?

Pets are very similar to human beings, and they also experience similar problems. Human beings snore due to the blockage of the nasal passage, which also happens to pets. Some of the reasons which lead to pets experiencing blocked airflow include:

  • Cold weather: If you live in cold regions, it is pretty standard for your pets to experience breathing problems due to the temperatures. Pets can get diseases such as asthma and pneumonia, which will make it difficult for them to breathe properly, especially at night hence resulting in snoring.
  • Overweight: Pets with more weight than the required tend to have excess tissue in their throat and necks. The tissue collapses in areas around the esophagus while sleeping, which prevents them from breathing well.
  • Allergens: Like human beings, pets also have allergies; dust and pollen grains are the most common allergens affecting pets. Allergens cause a restriction of airflow by creating a mucus build-up. You can consult your veterinarian to help you find out what your pet is allergic to.
  • Breed: Before purchasing a pet, you need to research and find out more about its breed which will help you avoid getting a pet breed that snores a lot. Also, it will help you find a solution to the natural issue.
  • Sleeping on its back: Your pet's sleeping posture may block any airflow, which in turn will make it snore. You can control this problem by ensuring your pet sleeps on its side or get a pillow to make your pet comfortable and prevent it from rolling over.
  • Having something stuck in their nose: Pets may snore if something is in their nose that prevents them from breathing normally. You can consult your veterinarian for checkups to help discover the problem and a remedy for it.


How to stop your pet from snoring

New pet owners usually get scared after they experience their pets' snoring which is quite unusual. However, there are many ways to control their pet snores; the most effective is anti-snoring pills. By purchasing these pills, you can prevent your pet from producing any snoring sound and get to enjoy your peaceful night's sleep. 

Chewable tablets

The SnoreStop product for pets is a chewable tablet made from natural ingredients. Most pets show improvements after 3-5 days, depending on certain factors such as diet and health. If you want the pills to work on your pet effectively, you need to ensure your pet has an appropriate diet and exercise.

To use the snore pills, you can stick one or two tablets in a treat or crush them and place them in a water bowl while you go on a walk ensuring that your pet will want to drink water upon returning home. You can do this 30 minutes before your pet's usual bedtime.


Oral Spray

If you are not comfortable using chewing tables, you can opt for an oral spray. The product is quite simple to use and functions similarly to the pills. You only need to shake the bottle before use and spray the drug twice on your pet's lips or gums 30 minutes before bedtime. 

Most pets show improvement within 3-5 nights, and you will notice that the snoring may become quieter, and in some pets, the snoring may go away. 


The Bottom line

The products listed above work by helping open blocked airways, which prevents airflow and enables your pet to sleep without snoring. This will help ensure you won't be disturbed at night because of your pets snores. 

Notably, you need to ensure your pet has a healthy diet and gets daily exercise  to ensure your pet's overall health. Pets need a lot of care to ensure they live for long, and by purchasing anti-snoring pills, you will help solve your pet's breathing issue.

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