SnoreStop: The Best Anti-Snoring Product You Can Buy

Not all snorers are created equal. We empower our customers with our Starter Kit it helps you determine where your snoring occurs and which SnoreStop product will work best for you

SnoreStop is the only brand that has developed a full line of anti-snoring products that target each location where snoring can occur.

For the 90 million snorers in the USA - snoring is no joke. Not to mention anyone who is near the snorer. Snoring is a breathing and sleeping disorder. It is the enemy of intimacy. It drives partners into separate bedrooms, causes embarrassment. Both physically and emotionally, snoring is a noisy wedge that pries people apart. We all know what it's like to have our sleep interrupted. Our mental state, emotions, and body can quickly unravel which impacts our overall health. SnoreStop benefits both the snorer and partner by providing a good night's sleep.

Since 1995, SnoreStop has provided easy-to-use anti-snoring sprays and tablets that help couples experience a good night's sleep. We keep people together, night after night - as in couples sleeping in the same room and individuals avoiding the damage that loss of sleep can cause.

SnoreStop is the only medically proven over-the-counter natural solution to snoring that is not a device. Our natural remedies procure real therapeutic benefits with no known side effects. Better breathing brings better sleep, which makes couples feel better and happier. Devices are cumbersome and costly. Most only offer positional therapy which requires wearing something on your waist or back to prevent you from sleeping on your back. 

Snoring Mouthguards

Mouth appliances, known as mandibular advancement devices, push the lower jaw (and tongue) forward, opening the airway in hopes of reducing or eliminating snoring.

Advertisements for these kind of products have recently flooded the marketplace, but to work effectively, the device needs to stay in one’s mouth all night and be used continually. Some users may never get used to the feeling of having a large object in their mouths, preventing their jaws from closing.

Read the recent New York Times article In Search Of Snoring Solutions the writer tries various devices only to find one real solution for his unique snoring. Although, his solution is not technically a device we have a better product.

The biggest obstacle snorers have is to determine where their snoring occurs; after many years of research we now know the exact three locations: the mouth, the back of the throat, and in the nose. Our Starter Kit offers three different SnoreStop products (tablets and sprays) to specifically target the those locations so it takes the guesswork out for you. It's that easy. 

SnoreStop: Most-trusted anti-snoring brand since 1995. 
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SnoreStop is FDA regulated and prepared in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). All ingredients are recognized as safe and part of an official collection of accepted drug ingredients by the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and are manufactured in FDA-approved laboratories in the USA. 


*SnoreStop does not treat sleep apnea (OSA).

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