Sex life boring? Blame snoring.

Almost two-thirds of couples complain they are kept awake at night by their partner’s snoring- an irritant that a third of married people say is as repulsive as bad breath or poor hygiene. The National Sleep Foundation 2005 Sleep in America Poll found that 33% of partnered adults reported problems in their relationships because of their partner’s sleep problems.


Snorers have less sex

It’s common to be irritable when lack of sleep is an issue, especially between couples. Nearly a quarter of couples say they have sex less often or have decreased interest in sex, because they are too sleepy. For the person who snores, their blood flow is reduced, the oxygen in their blood is reduced, and several studies have shown that sexual satisfaction is significantly lower for heavy snorers. An even greater contributor to the breakdown of relationships is due to partners of snorers sleeping in separate rooms.

Sharing a bed is not just about having sex but more importantly it is the setting for couples to maintain and strengthen the not only the physical intimacy in their relationship but the conversational one. The burden of snoring on people’s lives and marriages are profound, too few look for solutions to an issue that can hurt relationships and dampen sex lives. All of this could be halted by acknowledging the affect snoring has on a relationship and a joint effort between couples to find a solution to stop it.


Save your relationship from snoring

Clearly, there is more to gain than simply a good night’s sleep by removing snoring from the bedroom. Not all snoring is the same, everyone snores for different reasons. If you value your relationship, make it a priority to find a snoring remedy so you can both sleep soundly. Working together to stop snoring can even be an opportunity to improve the quality of your bond and become more deeply connected. When you get to the bottom of why you snore, then you can find the right solution to a quieter, deeper sleep for you and your partner.

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