Common Sleep Disorders & Their Solutions

Suffering from Lack of Sleep

The importance of a good night’s sleep is one aspect of life that has important value. Sleep is broken up into REM and non-REM, with the latter consisting of 4 levels that range from light to deep sleep. During a normal night of sleep your body will cycle through REM and non-REM but if interrupted you will wake in the morning feeling exhausted. That leads to a host of problems while you are trying to conduct your day. Constant restlessness can be a sign of a sleep disorder, we have provided a list of the most common and their solutions.

List of Common Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is one disorder individuals are familiar with (and one they most like to use when they have trouble falling asleep every so often). True insomnia sufferers are individuals who feel as if they do not get enough rest at night, cannot fall asleep, or wake up constantly throughout the night. It is an occurrence that happens night after night. The possible causes stem from stress, anxiety, depression or medication. Be sure to check the side effects of your medication or seek out a therapist if you suspect the problem may be mental.

Nearly every individual snores at one point in their lives. The cause of snoring is the inhalation of air that reverberates off the relaxed tissue of the throat. For the most part, snoring is a nuisance to your sleep partner (disrupting their sleep cycle) but it also prevents you from going into a deep sleep (REM) which your body needs in order to restore itself.



For most snorers, it is not a serious medical condition, although it should be addressed but it can also be a marker of sleep apnea. If you wake yourself up or stop breathing at anytime during the night, you should consult with your physician to get tested. Sleep apnea is a condition where the upper airway is partially or completely blocked. It interrupts regular breathing for short periods of time thus waking you up. Along with leaving you feeling fatigued during the day, it can also induce high blood pressure and will increase your chances of a stroke or heart attack. 



One brain disorder that leads to a sleep disorder is narcolepsy. Individuals who suffer from narcolepsy experience uncontrolled bouts of sleep. There is sometimes a genetic component but for the most part there is no sign of family history of the disorder. Most narcolepsy sufferers do not have attacks but experience constant sleepiness during the day. There are medications prescribed by doctors that can help. Our Circadian Rhythm, which can be viewed as our internal “clock” can be knocked off schedule. Our bodies are wired to be awake during the daytime hours and rest at night. You will feel the side effects were you to stay up late or work in the evenings and sleep through the day. Jet lag is a great example of throwing off your Circadian Rhythm since your normal sleeping pattern is not only disturbed but you actually lose hours of sleep. An easy solution is to get back on a regular sleeping schedule, if possible.

Snoring Solution

We all understand that a proper night of sleep is vital to functioning at our very best during the day. Without it our days are just a daze which can lead to accidents that range from minimal to serious. If you are your partner are suffering sleep disorders, seek help before you or anyone else gets hurt. If snoring is your ailment, SnoreStop has your solution. The snoring solutions will reduce your snoring symptoms without any negative side effects. View our SnoreStop Kit so you and your partner can get a peaceful night’s rest.


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