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Anti snoring nasal spray


Keeping your bed partner up all night with your snoring may seem like any other normal sleeping behavior, but its not. It becomes a nuisance to not only your partner but to your health if you develop long-term snoring problems. You're not only disrupting your partner's sleep patterns but also hurting your sleep quality. 

Close to 45% of the global adult population snore occasionally. Surprisingly, many don't do anything about it, leaving them at a higher risk of developing severe health problems like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, Alzheimer's, and diabetes.


Understanding Snoring and Nasal stuffiness

Snoring itself is a name given to the hoarse sound you make in your sleep. It mainly occurs when air gets trapped in one or more airway(s) resulting in a vibration effect. Snoring may occur in the nose due to nasal stuffiness and palatal flutter in the mouth. The most common is throat based snoring. 

Nasal stuffiness can be triggered by allergies, post nasal drip, or sinus issues. The air you breathe through the nose is humidified to remove dust before entering the lungs. As such, any congestion or blockage in the nasal passages will most likely contribute to snoring. It's no wonder most trusted snore products offer a solution to help nasal-based snoring. 

Sometimes when nasal breathing isn't possible, the mouth will be the only available organ for breathing. As you breathe through the mouth, the airway behind your tongue can get constricted, resulting in snoring. Lifestyle issues like excessive weight and drug use may also induce snoring symptoms.

The Best Anti-Snoring Nasal Sprays to Stop Snoring

Several anti-snoring remedies like snoring strips, anti-snoring pillows, and nose clips can help reduce snoring. However, the treatments only effectively combat the condition for short-term relief. 

One of the best snoring remedies for nasal-based snoring involves anti-snoring nasal sprays—these work by unblocking the nasal passage to improve nasal breathing while reducing snoring. If the available anti-snoring options aren't bringing you peace, you may want to try the following anti-snoring nasal sprays. 

1. SnoreStop NasoSpray Anti-Snoring Spray Solution 

SnoreStop Nasal Spray is the best quality natural nasal spray to reduce snoring. It’s one of the few medically proven natural over-the-counter solutions that provide instant snoring relief to give you peaceful nights. The spray acts by targeting the nasal-based snoring at its source to afford you better sleep.

It helps relieve snoring by unblocking congestion in the nasal passages. This way, you’ll breathe better due to reduced inflammation. SnoreStop Nasal Spray is also less cumbersome to use compared to anti-snoring devices you wear all night long. 

Similarly, Snorestop Nasal Spray is formulated from botanical and mineral ingredients, unlike most anti-snoring products available in the market. The spray has no known side effects. You can easily rely on it all night long for the best anti-snoring relief.


2. Steroid Nasal Sprays

Steroid anti-snoring nasal sprays work more like anti-histamines. They alleviate snoring by acting on the inflamed areas in the nasal passage. These anti-snoring nasal sprays are also a recommended long-term solution for snoring caused by nasal polyps

The steroids used in these anti-snoring nasal sprays differ from the common anabolic steroids. They're obtained from naturally occurring hormones in glands above the kidneys. Steroid anti-snoring nasal sprays provide instant snoring relief and might be the best solution for chronic nasal decongestion.


3. Decongestant Nasal Sprays

Sometimes snoring may be a result of congestion in the nose. This congestion mainly arises through the expansion of blood vessels, reducing the space for airflow. Congested nasal passages mean you'll snore due to the arising breathing difficulties. 

Decongestant anti-snoring nasal sprays are an effective short-term solution for relieving a blocked nose. They work by compressing the enlarged blood vessels to widen your nasal passages. This ensures you experience less snoring at night and a better airflow in the nasal passage.

The only challenge is that their prolonged use is associated with rebound congestion. As a result, decongestant anti-snoring nasal sprays are unsuitable for kids or pregnant women. Similarly, don't use them if you have high blood pressure because the constriction of blood vessels may worsen the condition.




4. Saline Nasal Sprays

These are non-medicated nasal sprays made from a mixture of water and salt. Like most anti-snoring nasal sprays, saline sprays moisturize your nasal passages to calm inflammation and alleviate snoring.

Saline anti-snoring sprays have no known side effects. This makes them suitable for use on nearly everyone, including children. Doctors also recommend their use alongside other remedies for better snoring relief.

However, Saline sprays may not be the best option if your snoring condition is caused by too much mucus accumulation in the nasal passage. Only use them to break up excess mucus and follow up with a more medicated anti-nasal spray. 

Saline nasal sprays are a quick and suitable remedy for snoring if other anti-nasal sprays are unavailable. While you shouldn't rely on the sprays for a long-term solution, keep in mind that they are a perfect way to kick-start your snoring remedy using anti-nasal sprays.




5. Anticholinergic Nasal Sprays

This is a suitable anti-snoring nasal spray, especially if your snoring accompanies a running nose. Anticholinergic nasal sprays provide snoring relief by unblocking the mucus from nasal passage. They act on all types of nasal blockages by reducing the amount of mucus that your nose produces.

However, they don't provide any relief for inflammation. This means you won't need the sprays if swollen pores in the nasal passage are responsible for your snoring. The same applies to congestion-induced snoring. These sprays chemical properties don't allow support constriction of air passages to increase airflow.

The sprays only work by blocking receptors responsible for the activation of nasal mucus glands. This allows them to stop mucus production, preventing you from breathing difficulties and decreasing snoring.

Bottom Line

Inflammation in the nasal passages are one of the most significant contributing factors to nasal-based snoring. The presence of receptors in the nose means there'll always be a reaction when allergies invade the nasal cavity. Nasal sprays are a key remedy for this inflammation-induced snoring and related symptoms. They provide instant relief both on a short and long-term basis. If you or your partner snores with their mouth open, this is an indication that there nasal passages are blocked forcing them to breathe through their mouth. This is what we refer to as nasal-based snoring. It's important to determine what type of snorer you are so you know which type of product can help treat your snoring.


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