4 Myths About Snoring

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths behind snoring. Snoring can be more than an annoyance for bed partners. It can be a harmful ailment which impacts your life.

Snoring is a signal that air is not passing through one or more airways while you are sleeping. This could be a signal for more serious health problems or it could lead to more serious health problems if left untreated.

Myth: Snoring is normal and not harmful

Snoring is not a normal condition, despite all the people you know who snore. Yes, lots of people snore. However, that does not make it a sign of good health.

Struggling to breathe while sleeping is never a good thing. It impacts sleep quality for the individual. This can lead to daytime sleepiness, which hurts your normal workflow. It can also increase chances of heart attack or stroke for the person snoring.

Also, snoring can be associated with many problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, slowed metabolism, weight gain, loss of concentration, obesity, and more.

Further, snoring could be caused by smoking or drinking. Therefore, it may seem normal to snore if you are a drinker or smoker. However, snoring is not a normal function for healthy people.

Added, snoring affects your sleep partners. Disturbed sleep for your partner can harm your relationship, as it will also impact their life.

Snoring is not normal because it is harmful to your health and sleep.



Myth: Snoring is only caused by obesity

Sorry, fit people. You too can suffer from snoring.

Snoring is caused by a number of things. Of course, it can be caused by obesity but not everyone one who is overweight snores.

Snoring can affect a man or woman whether they are overweight or average weight. Still, overweight people tend to usually snore a lot more because of the extra weight around their necks.

Weight loss can definitely help ease snoring. Especially if you started snoring after gaining weight. Hence, it is not a bad idea to try shedding some pounds to increase your sleep quality.

However, there could be other issues involved. Professionals can help diagnose your cause for snoring. Either way, excess weight could be caused by snoring rather than snoring causing excess weight.


Myth: Only old people snore

A young person in denial probably created this myth. Regardless, snoring does not only impact seniors and the elderly.

Aging increases your chances for snoring, but it can happen to any person, at any age.

Anyone who has obstructed breathing can suffer from snoring. Even newborn babies can snore.

However, snoring be more common in people between the ages of 40 and 60. This age group also needs quality sleep for recovery and immune support. Therefore, elderly should seek treatment for their snoring.

Myth: I do not need treatment

Some people think that snoring results in a deep sleep because you do not wake up from your own snoring. However, this does not mean you are getting the highest quality sleep. Even if you enter deep sleep, snoring lessens sleep quality.

Turning on your stomach or side does not help either. A wive’s tale once said that sleeping on your side prevents snoring. It does move the base of your tongue, which can open the airway in the back of the throat. However, snoring can still persist in any sleep position.

Snoring prevents the deep sleep which is vital for proper cognitive and biological functions. Even an extra hour of sleep when you are snoring, will not help.

Therefore, it is critical to find a solution. Finding a solution to your snoring can change sleep quality for you and your partner. Moreover, increasing your sleep quality will make you better person during the daytime. You will find yourself more focused and in a better mood.

SnoreStop offers oil-free sprays and chewable tablets as a solution. A spray or tablet help reach and treat the critical airways which are obstructed that cause snoring. These solutions are far more comfortable than traditional nasal strips and mouth guards. Check out the website to see how SnoreStop can help you stop snoring.


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